Scott Stokas on Becoming a Realty Income Shareholder

Scott Stokas spent two years at Realty Income, first as an associate of acquisitions, and later as director of acquisitions. In the latter position, his responsibilities included sourcing potential transactions and negotiating and structuring investments. Here, Mr. Stokas shares information on becoming a Realty Income shareholder.

The simplest way to become a Realty Income shareholder is to buy shares through either of two programs: Direct Stock Purchase or Dividend Reinvestment. Wells Fargo Shareowner Services operates these investment plans, which are available to new and existing investors and can be accessed either online or by mail.

The Direct Stock Purchase program allows investors to buy shares of Realty Income through the company’s transfer agent, Wells Fargo. This program is designed for investors who would like to make either a one-time investment or continuous investments in Realty Income. 

The Dividend Reinvestment program allows a shareholder to purchase additional shares each month with the dividend received from Realty Income. Either the entirety or a portion of the dividends can be reinvested monthly.

Realty Income pays monthly dividends to shareholders. The company owns over 3,000 commercial properties, mostly rented under long-term leases to commercial enterprises such as retailers, distributors, and entertainment venues. To learn more about investing in Realty Income, visit


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